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The Broken Outlaws have a sound that’s hard to categorize.  KC and Dustin started out as a country band.  Aaron joined with his degree in jazz saxophone and his influence has been felt.  They began playing regularly at Ha’ Penny Irish Pub in the BoDo district downtown, so they began adding tunes from the Emerald Isle. An exciting sound is the result of this mixture.

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About the Broken Outlaws

The Broken Outlaws do more with four members than most bands do with seven.  Each member plays at least two instruments, and Aaron goes into double digits.  Additionally, KC writes many of their songs.  You are missing out on a treat if you don’t catch the Broken Outlaws!

The Band

Meet the Broken Outlaws

KC Pagoago
KC Pagoago

Lead Guitar, Percussion, Lead Vocals, Song Writer

Dustin Millard
Dustin Millard

Standup Bass, Bass Guitar, Vocls

Aaron Dickinson
Aaron Dickinson

Saxophone, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals & misc. instuments

Jim Dickinson
Jim Dickinson


Where To Find Them

Broken Outlaws reside in Boise, Meridian, and Ontario, Oregon.  We play all over!

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